She is beautiful. She is fierce. She is proud. We’re talking about the phenomenal Unkabogable Superstar Vice Ganda! Aside from her great sense of style, she is also isn’t afraid to try out different makeup looks from smokey, shimmer, to matte and natural and even Barbie’s bright-eyed look.

Admit it. Wearing makeup can also make us feel better in the middle of all the stresses around us. Now that many of us are either stuck at home or back to the office, how about slaying some of these looks in the coming days?

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Check out some of her most stunning makeup looks below! Pak na pak ‘di ba?

“Back to basic.” 55862949_664734603960432_2243503580727145712_n-585x731.jpg

“Kung itong mukhang to na lng sana ang nasa news e di sana ang ganda ng balita!!! Chugug!!!” 67402695_385304942181480_8279616642441852948_n-585x729.jpg

“Pag-ibig, Pag-asa at Saya yan ang lagi mong dala.” 46565124_2339795442701562_5586766276645709078_n-400x400.jpg

“Uuuuyyyyy alam kong nagagandahan ka! Wag kang mahiya sige mag like at magcomment ka ng maiparamdam mo ang iyong paghanga.” 42434849_272535113378786_1427173964252772303_n-327x400.jpg

“Ganda ka?!” 104652025_1154612468239316_4236751058774161578_n-585x731.jpg

“Yung tanga tangahan X ganda gandahan pose.” 82535328_2913641705347698_4492758205429502305_n-585x731.jpg

“Gandara pag magsaya. Chakrita pag imvyerna.” 81762511_158615682094766_6877955126169988577_n-585x731.jpg

“Ravaaaaaaan???? Ang vumangga savouge ang vunganga!!!!” 75394643_827391414377295_2592975412223421353_n-1-585x731.jpg



“I’m a Barbie girl in this Barbie world.” 51875024_2378334505513090_75640722738190773_n-585x732.jpg