A lot of fans have surely missed having their daily dose of happiness and kulitan from the Unkabogable Box Office Superstar Vice Ganda. Since the closing down of the Kapamilya network, the madlang people were left with less entertainment shows which have accompanied Filipino households during times of rest. Such sources of entertainment have become vital for much needed breaks, especially during these challenging times.

To make her fans smile and rest at least just for a bit amid the crisis, Meme Vice decided to reignite good vibes through exciting games and wagas na tawanan with The Vice Ganda Network’s online game show PRIZE GANDA. Debuting just yesterday, the said game show gave out unkabogable prizes to lucky winners! Eventually, the show became sweeter as Meme Vice exchanged how are yous with teen stars Francine Diaz, Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, and Seth Fedelin.


Vice individually checked on The Gold Squad to see how they were doing. As the game show progressed, the kilig just escalated further. Really, there’s a reason why these love teams cause so much positive clamor from the fans. The actors were on separate video calls, but the chemistry sure transcended the screens!


The kulitan and the chikahan with the teen stars made the game even more enjoyable. Fans of Team #Kycine and Team #Sethdrea just can’t help but express their support to the cute on-screen couples!