With everything that has been happening around us right now, we all need a good laugh and good vibes to feel happy while we are in the comfort of our own homes. Unkabogable Box Office Superstar Vice Ganda’s new show “PRIZE GANDA” thankfully gives us just that!

The show, which made its debut on August 14, aired its second episode last Saturday. Aside from the unli tawanan and chikahan with her special guests, viewers also have the chance to win prizes!


PRIZE GANDA Episode 2: “Riot with the Bayots” featured Meme Vice’s anak-anakans Negi, Pepay, Petite, and Wacky Kiray kaya without doubt, sasakit ang tiyan niyo kakatawa!

The main goal of the game is to find the “Ayuda One” in the span of three rounds. Each round, the winner will choose his or her “Ayuda Partner” from the live viewers online, who will also win a cash prize. The last one standing will then proceed to the jackpot round.



Negi, Pepay, Petite, and Wacky Kiray showed off their competitive side during the laughtrip dares and whisper challenge given by Meme Vice. One of the dares include bringing your pet and Petite showed her wooden elephant figurine.


We just can’t wait to see more good vibes and fun games from Prize Ganda! Guess we’ll keep our eyes peeled and our screens on ‘til the next game show.